What We Do

We believe that growing businesses are the backbone of the American economy.  We believe that the entrepreneurs that run them are America's leaders.  Our clients are looking for a strong financial partner to help them grow, and it's our job to understand that journey to success and design a partnership that facilitates it.

We offer multiple financing solutions to meet the needs of our clients throughout the various seasons of their life cycle.

Working Capital Lines of Credit

Our primary financing product is a line of credit in which the availability of credit is driven by the value of your accounts receivable and inventory…assets that are frequently undervalued in traditional sources of financing.  We are experts at evaluating the value and performance of these mission critical assets and are able to utilize their value to structure a flexible financing program that best meets your needs.

We understand the cash cycles you face.  Your upfront investment in people, product and/or facilities, combined with the typical turn on payments from your customers, creates a cash flow gap.  This gap widens even further for manufacturing companies, importers, seasonal businesses, for asset-intensive companies, and for service companies that must build staff prior to billing customers for services rendered.

We offer lines of credit up to $30,000,000. As your company grows and your balance sheet matures, we have the flexibility to extend our financing and adjust structure and pricing, allowing us to serve your needs throughout every season of your business.

Fixed Asset Financing (Term Financing)

Many of our clients need to purchase machinery and equipment for opportunistic growth purposes, or they own machinery, equipment, or real estate that has been accumulating value.  In many cases, a long-term loan can be offered to tap into the equity value of these assets to help fund the business, or to fund needs that result from a changing business landscape.  A fixed asset loan, or term loan, can provide liquidity for a growing business by utilizing a percentage of the value of these fixed assets.

SBA Financing

SBA loans are specifically designed for small business owners to provide long term, low down payment financing for the purchase of real estate, equipment or inventory.  Financing can also be used for business acquisitions and business refinancing. 

We offer the SBA 7(a), SBA 504, SBA Express and Patriot Express programs.  MidFirst Bank is a Preferred SBA Lender nationwide.

Other Financial Services

Through our parent company, we have the ability to offer various other banking and financing products, including the following:

  • Commercial Real Estate lending
  • Letters of credit
  • Treasury Management
  • Traditional banking services
  • Merchant accounts
  • Online banking
  • Investment services